The Sistematic Investigation of Matter and Existence

The exploration of life has been a subject of science. The diagrams and schemas, the formulas, mathematics and complex explanations always create the “seriously solved and accurately completed” sense.  These series of works under the title Systematic Investigation of Matter and Existence use the aesthetics of these formulas and graphics, while again exploring life and matter in its own artistic approach. 
10 works, each 68×98 cm. signed and numbered, edition of 70, offset lithography on paper, 2015.

Sudan Seyyareler (Aquaspheres)

The Aquaspheres series have an innovative approach that alteres traditional ebrû technique and combines it with digital printing.  On the third exhibition of the continuing H2O series, “Aquaspheres” opened in Gallery İlayda Karaköy, İstanbul urban plans are used the basis on the majority of the works.

20 works each 15×15 cm. composed in a piece, black and white digital print and ebrû on paper, 2012.


D-10 is a single work, using space of creation as the starting point and questioning the term home. This work was created on a lithography stone that was coded D-10. 

D-10, 35×50 cm. lithography on paper, edition of 10, 2013.

The Frontal and Side View of Life

A simple quantum landscape. Using a rather technical graphic language, it explores beyond what we see with our eyes to portray a field.

Hayatın Önden ve Yandan Görünüşü, 15×21 cm. woodcut on paper, edition of 100, 2012.


The H2O series have an approach that alteres traditional ebrû imagery by using a traditional method to create abstract and contemporary look. Here, “the moment of creation” is explored. The water as the main medium is used to create and capture the ink. Ink on water is applied to paper several times and on top of digital prints to enhance the “experiment” feel. Every piece of work is unique and only few are exhibited after a careful selection among hundreds of works.  


Untitled, 35×50 cm. black and white digital print and ebrû on paper, 2010. 

Layout Plan (Vaziyet Planı)

This work takes a closer look at the prejudice of the layers of thought, the areas of perception, the melancholy of internal conflicts, which we actually know from someplace we don't see, but still are familiar of. An abstract cross-section of the situation and location is witnessed. Starting from the rich aesthetics of the lines in the layout plans drawn from the bird's eye view, the inner-eye view of the mind and perception is viewed almost like through a microscope.

Vaziyet Planı, 170×90 cm. black and white digital print on paper, 2011.