A photocopy fanzine created for the sake of a photocopy fanzine. Using the old-school photocopy machine, the intense black and white images of books and pages are used throughout the fanzine, narrated by shadows of the hand.

Melike’s F, photocopy on paper, staple bound, A4, edition of 40, each signed and numbered, 2019.

Bırakınız Gelsinler 

A book of poems, written and designed by Melike Taşcıoğlu. What does writing a book mean, really? Writing the content, designing the content, designing the book? This book plays with this idea through discrete design twists, layering a personal, almost kitsch poetry to portray skin-deep interactions and drawings to express indelible impressions of love and life. 

Let Them Come (Bırakınız Gelsinler), H-UV offset lithography on Munken Print White paper, edition of 400, each and numbered, 2017. ISBN 987-605-82087-0-4

The Magical Dissappearence of 

This is the story of the sudden dissapearence of some text messages and a man. A book written by Melike Taşcıoğlu. Book writing as in writing the text and writing, creating the book as a whole. Planning to reprint and properly publish this one soon...

The Magical Disappearence of, color laser print on paper, first edition, 10 copies, 2017.